Emma Robinson

Emma fell in love with Yoga in her late teens and has been teaching since 2008. She has trained under the expertise of leading teachers Louise Solomon, Yogi Vishvektu, Edward Clark and Nikki Durrant.

Emma’s classes are balanced, eclectic, challenging and always sprinkled with options whether you want to deepen a pose or go to a more restorative place. Emma loves experimenting with controlled transitions, arm balances and inversions, so expect them in her class! She believes Yoga should be an uplifting experience – when in doubt, smile and breathe!

Emma teaches Vinyasa Yoga.


Emma Robinson instructs the following:
  • Hip Stability for Standing Poses & Splits
  • The hips are an important junction, dissecting the lower body from the upper body and could be considered as the central pivotal point of strength and stability for our yoga asanas.

    In this workshop, we'll work towards gaining a better understanding of the hips bio mechanics and improve and deepen our yoga practice particularly in our warriors, pigeon and lotus pose.

    All levels welcome

    Fee: £25

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