Heidi Muschallik

Heidi started practising Bikram Yoga in 2000. From her first class she was hooked: “I’d always been quite active growing up and just loved the intensity of the class and how energised and invigorated I felt afterwards”.

So… what started off as a hobby, became her full-time work in 2003 after completing her training in Los Angeles. “What I absolutely love about teaching is seeing how Yoga benefits those who dedicate their time and energy to it – helping them to improve their mental, physical and emotional health, and also, how Yoga can be available to ANYONE, whatever your ability. Just do your best!”

Heidi teaches Hot 26 and the Hot 56.

Heidi Muschallik instructs the following:
  • Hot 26
  • Our Hot 26 Yoga class is a series of static Hatha Yoga asanas (postures) and breathing exercises developed by Bikram Choudhury. This set sequence of 26 asanas and 2 breathing exercises are performed in each class. Each posture stretches, strengthens and prepares the body for the next to maximise oxygenation and detoxification; all together they work every part of the body. The beauty of practising the same movements in every class means you are able to see how your body is changing over time. You never get bored and you always learn something new in every class! Hot Yoga is practised in a room heated to around 40°C. The heat warms up the body allowing you to stretch into the asanas safely while at the same time aiding detoxification and increasing the cardiovascular element of the class. This class includes static asanas, which means you do not flow from one to the next (no vinyasas or downward facing dogs).

    There are numerous benefits from a regular Hot Yoga practice, including weight loss, improved muscle tone, strength and flexibility, reduced back/knee pain, better concentration and focus and lower stress levels. The class is suitable for all levels from complete beginners to advanced students. Be prepared to sweat and have fun!

    Hot 26 classes are 90 minutes long. All ability levels welcome. Classes are held in a heated room (temperature 40 – 41.5 °C). These classes are without music.

  • Hot 56 (Intermediate/Advanced Hot Yoga practice required)
  • Building on the Hot 26 postures, the Hot 56 class integrates an extra 30 Yoga postures (asanas) that work on opening the hips, build upper body and core strength. Expect lunges, lotus, wheel and some arm balances to name a few. You will feel challenged in this class!

    This class is a fantastic complement to the regular Hot 26 class and you will find that it quickly transforms your Hot 26 practice. It does not replace your Hot 26 practise (you still need to come to this class to benefit from the Hot 56). The asanas (postures) in this class are mainly static, which means you do not flow from one to the next.

    This class is suitable if you have a regular Hot 26 practice (which means you’ve practised the Hot 26 for at least a few months, 2-3 times a week). If this is your first visit to YogaVenue or if you have never practised Yoga in a heated room before, we suggest you start with the Hot 26 class instead. Even if you practise other forms of Yoga regularly, good knowledge of the Hot 26 is required before you attend the Hot 56. If you are unsure whether this is the right class for you please chat to one of our Hot 26 teachers.

    Hot 56 classes are 90 minutes long. This class is not suitable for beginners. Classes are held in a heated room (temperature 40 – 41.5 °C). These classes are without music.

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