Oscar Stevenson

After always being very inflexible and then exacerbating the problem by playing lots of sports and disregarding warming up and cooling down properly Oscar found himself with incredibly tight muscles. His mother had always told him to try yoga and he finally decided to give it a go. He loved it and was surprised to feel the benefits immediately, not just physically but also mentally. He decided it would be a career he would like to pursue and completed his Teacher Training with Fierce Grace in 2016. Oscar says, “I feel yoga can give one a better understanding of themselves and I feel lucky to be able to help people along their journey. I feel in this crazy world we live in we need help to find balance and clarity and I believe yoga contributes to this massively.” He enjoys all types of sports and activity and loves to share these passions with others.
Oscar teaches Fierce Grace Hot Power and Fierce Grace WILD.

Oscar Stevenson instructs the following:
  • Fierce Grace Hot Power
  • Fierce Grace classes combine strength and flexibility for both body and mind. Based on classical Hatha Yoga, Bikram and Ashtanga Yoga, and sequenced in ways that adhere to ancient Yogic principles as well as the latest cutting-edge research on attaining optimum results in the minimum amount of time, Fierce Grace is a unique series of 6 different classes based on the same core poses and principles, each with a different emphasis, duration and intensity.

    At YogaVenue we offer the Fierce Grace Hot Power class. This class is a user-friendly but challenging general level class. With hip openers, deep twists, upper body strengtheners, bum and ab toners, this fully-rounded workout works 100% of the body. It is a combination of Hatha, Power and Ashtanga Yoga, Interval and Core Training and offers peak fitness, strength, flexibility and relaxation. This class is designed to develop a sense of enjoyment and freedom and to allow one’s breath and energy to fuel the practice. This class is the centre spoke of all the classes and the class they all originate from. Key benefits: upper body, strength, toned bum and abs, grace and fluidity, deep expression of the self.

    Fierce Grace Hot Power classes are 75 minutes long. All ability levels welcome. Classes are held in a heated room (temperature 35-37 °C).


  • Fierce Grace WILD (NEW CLASS!!!)
  • WILD is a new addition to the Fierce Grace system. It is a cardio-yoga class that bridges the gap between conventional gym workouts and yoga. WILD combines Kundalini Yoga, Barre, resistance stretching, HIIT and Super Slow training to strengthen and sculpt every inch of your body. Get strong and fit in this high energy, fast-paced class. Key benefits: builds stamina, core power and strength, along with yogic breathing to help oxygenate the entire body and purify and balance the nervous system. increases mobility and burns serious calories whilst sculpting every inch of your body. 

    This class is 60mins and is done in a heated room and is suitable for all levels.

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