Thought of the Month: January 2013

New Year Resolutions

For some years now I have grown very suspicious of New Year Resolutions! So often it seems that we set really ambitious resolutions for ourselves eg; change exercise regime, change diet, get to Grade 5 piano by the end of the year etc. It basically means we set ourselves up for failure and so nothing will ever change and we get really despondent.

new-years-resolutions-funny-quotes-300x210Staying realistic has to be the way to go. For the last few years I have been setting intentions; sometimes I make these public to friends and family, and sometimes I keep them to myself. Intentions take the form of ‘including a new exercise session in my week, including more greens in my diet at least one meal a day, booking at least 1 piano class per month etc. I have to plan them though, bit by bit, incorporating them into my schedule.

I have found intentions, rather than resolutions, makes me remember that we were hoping to enjoy the activities we want start, and surely starting anything new is about adding a sense of joy into our lives?

And so to Yoga; don’t force yourself to do a certain number of classes per week. Come with an open mind and really enjoy the class you have done. Note how you feel and you will see that naturally your body and mind will tell you what it needs. Often it wants more Yoga.


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