Thought of the Month: June 2013

This year Winter seems to have prolonged itself and I am only just beginning to feel warm all the way to my bones. Summers energy heats me up and my body begins to respond by wanting to do more exercise and spend more time outdoors.

images2Doing exercise is important as the temperature rises – it literally ‘blows off steam,’ especially important if you notice yourself tired or irritable from long hot days, or shut inside at home or the office. But we must also be aware of overheating. Good hydration throughout the day, and avoiding sunburn and heat rash is vital.
The body becomes more open and flexible and offers us the chance to deepen into our Yoga practice. We are already warm so we are able to work strongly from the outset and go to new depths as the month’s progress.

Throughout the Winter we have maintained our Yoga practice but in Summer it is time to really develop and deepen it and see change.

Enjoy the warmth and don’t let it put you off your practise but embrace it. However, if you can’t get to practice on a hot day perhaps some stretching in the garden may do the trick, or a long Savasana relaxing deeply either inside or out, when you get home would really calm everything down preparing you for the rest of your day or evening.


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