Forrest Yoga Classes

Forrest hinnyForrest Yoga is a dynamic form of Vinyasa Yoga, in which poses are held for several breaths. The focus is on tracking feeling through movement and breath, and finding out how to approach our limitations with integrity. Through a regular Forrest Yoga practice you will likely find that your body and mind feel stronger, more flexible and more resilient, you develop tools for dealing better with fear and struggle, and you can quieten your thinking mind and tune into feeling throughout your whole body. In a Forrest Yoga class we will work on asanas to help correct postural imbalance created by long hours spent hunched over desks and calm the mind and body out of chronic stress. Among many delights, the sequence will include exercises to work the abdominals. Forrest Yoga meets every student where they are at, and helps them to strengthen, stretch and heal. Classes are suitable for all levels, from the advanced yogi to the absolute beginner. 

Forrest Yoga classes are 75 minutes long. All ability levels are welcome. Classes are held at room temperature. Music is not played in these classes.

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