New to Yoga



If you are new to YogaVenue and aren’t sure what to bring, the fun answer is an open mind!

The practical answer is to bring a Yoga mat and if you are practising a hot class bring a towel to put on your mat, along with one for a shower afterwards and a bottle of water. If you are practising a Vinyasa class bring a small towel (to wipe down with).

Don't worry if you don't have any of this, you can rent them for the studio: Yoga mats are £1 and towels are £1.50 each to rent. You can also buy Yoga mats, towels, Yoga clothing, and refreshments from our shop - just ask at the studio to find out more.

Changing room and showers are available to use after your class.

On your first visit we recommend that you take up the Introductory offer which allows you to explore the different classes we offer at YogaVenue. This offer can only be redeemed on your first visit to YogaVenue. The offer is for 20 consecutive days at the cost of £45. You don’t have to come every day for 20 days, just as often as you can. The offer limits you to a maximum one class a day. Explore & enjoy!

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