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I am trying not to mention the weather but despite the recent rain we have been very fortunate with the high temperatures and light days. It makes such a difference to our moods and our energy levels, so, long may they continue into the Autumn once the rain has passed.We have been doing a little redecorating and updating and have finished our first phase. We thought a little refreshment and some subtle uplifting earthy tones would support us through the next months as the night’s draw in and the temperature drops. We have another phase planned but that will happen over the Christmas holidays. We hope you like it.To see you to Christmas we have a great series of workshops, the next one this weekend on Yin Yoga, and an equally great Christmas event planned, more on that below.

Workshops and special classes coming up 

We have a great variety of workshops lined up for you. 

Introduction to Yin Yoga with Kathy:
Sat 18th October, 2pm – 4pm;
Fee: £20
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Fly Class with Emma:
Sat 25th October, 2pm – 4pm;
Fee: £15
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Time Change
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Always the student 

YogaVenue’s Christmas Event
Friday 12th December

Yoga, food and drinks; Christmas has come early. Join YogaVenue for an evening of entertainment and inspirational Yoga. 

The evening will start with a performance by the amazing Tripsichore Yoga School led by Nikki. They are know globally for their extraordinary dance narratives based on Yoga asanas to express themes of harmony, balance, spirituality, ecstasy, bliss and mysticism.

Our very own teacher Emma, who has been training with the founders of Tripsichore, will be part of the performance on the evening. Click below to see a short video of Emma, which will give you a taster of what to expect on the night.

Expressive Vinyasa Yoga and the Art of Asana

Refreshments will be provided after the performance, giving us a chance to relax, chat and laugh away from our sweaty yoga wear!

This is the first time that the Tripsichore School have performed in Oxford, places are limited so please book early.

Tickets are £12 each.

Click here to book.

busy-yoga-girl1-293x300Late for class?
We know there is terrible Oxford traffic around at the moment and the roads, buses and bikes are all busier than usual. We genuinely understand the frustration you have if you arrive late and class has started. Please bear in mind that we are quite strict about late arrivals for good reasons. We want students and teachers to be focussed on their class and not be disturbed by late entrants and if you have an injury or concern we cannot let the teacher know who would normally be able to give you modifications to help you in your class.


Late for Class?
Time Change
Better Value Yoga!

Always the student 


This Summer I was fortunate enough to take time out from teaching at YogaVenue to immerse myself in study with some amazing teachers at the Laughing Lotus Yoga School in New York City. A chance to refresh, re-energise and reconnect right at the source of some amazing Yoga. 

People have asked me why as a teacher I need to study more about Yoga. Is there really more to learn? The simple answer is yes! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been teaching for 1 year or 10, or practicing for 1 week or 10 years, you never stop being the student.

Study is an important part of Yoga. As yogis, we learn about Svadhyaya which means self-study. This is one of the Niyamas (Yogic codes of conduct) and one of the eight limbs of Yoga. Pantanjali talks about the importance of Svadhyaya in the Yoga Sutras; how we study to learn about ourselves and, as we progress, we take a step closer to the Divine. 

Going away on a course is a great way to learn, and for me it was a perfect opportunity to immerse myself in a different style of Yoga. However, it is not the only way. We have the chance to be a student every day, every time we step onto our Yoga mat and move, every time we chant, every time we meditate. All these opportunities can exist to help us understand more about ourselves and maybe provide more clarity on what our goal is in life. How fortunate are we to have this opportunity!

So next time after your Yoga practice, take a moment and observe what you have learnt from your practice that day. Every day will be different and some days things may make more sense than others. Be thankful for the experience and don’t leave it too long until the next chance. 

Join Caroline for Vinyasa Yoga every Thursday 5.45pm.

Time Change

Remember the clocks go back on Sunday 26th October!

At 2am on Sunday morning, clocks are turned backward 1 hour, which will means that sunrise and sunset will be 1 hour earlier on Oct 26, than the day before and hence there will be more light in the morning!

Pregnancy Classes

Our new pregnancy classes, pre-natal and post- natal, are starting on 3rd November and run for 6 weeks.

Anne Marie will work with you on developing relaxation, breathing and pelvic floor skills that will support you during and after pregnancy. It is also a great way to meet other people new to pregnancy and babies – the group coffee is always welcome afterwards!


Booking required, so give us a call if you need more information or click here to book.

Better Value Yoga!

We have recently revised our pricing at YogaVenue to make Yoga better value for you.

Amazing new packages are available and our monthly auto-pay memberships start from £42.50 per month. Click here to buy now, or call us to talk about options that may suit you.


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