Kapha Dosha

Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga recognizes three doshas – vata, pitta and kapha vatapittakaphaand we are each made up of a combination of these 3 doshas. Now that Spring is here, we may feel an excess of the kapha dosha, which can make us feel a bit sluggish, heavy, slow, soft, cold, low mood and energy. Not surprising after the cold winter months when we feel a need to withdraw a little.

As you may have noticed we have changed the sequence in our Hot Power class to help you get your Spring mojo back and get rid of this excess Kapha. We do this through our Yoga practice with more heating and stimulating Yoga asanas. You will find more sun salutations in your practice to heat the body up and start this process of re-awakening and asanas to build the fire in the belly and open the chest as we start to get rid of the winters layer.

Have fun at this time, fight the kapha that wants you to stay under the duvet and get to class and help welcome in Spring.

See you in a Hot Power class soon.

By Caroline

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