Why I will always practise the Hot 26


As a Hot 26 (Bikram) teacher and student I get asked frequently whether I ever get bored of teaching and practising the same and I can honestly say I never do.

IMG_5747Every class is different from the one before and I know the next one will also be different. I have great classes, I have ok classes and I still have terrible classes where I feel I can't balance, feel stiff, dehydrated - all the same things as everyone else! The beauty of practising the same 26 asana is I can see how I am changing physically and emotionally. I know those days I can't balance on one leg it's generally because I've let my mind drift and I'm not concentrating. When half moon feels like it is going on forever it's because I've not practised enough and my shoulders are so tight they feel like they are in my ears! Yes, I'm human too, the same thoughts go through my mind and I deal with the same challenges of juggling work and family.

I've had times when I've not practised the Hot 26. When I was pregnant, for example, I decided to take a break, and it was over 12 months before I took a class. I couldn't wait but I was also a little nervous about how it would go. I was careful and my body remembered, and the Hot 26 has been the class that has really helped the most with getting back into my yoga practice.

The Hot 26 was the class that opened the Yoga world to me and for a long time it was the only Yoga I practised. Now I teach and practise other forms of Yoga and love them all, but there is a special place in my heart for the Hot 26 and I know it will always be part of my life.



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