Managing chronic pain through Yoga

This is my own experience of how I have learned to manage my chronic pain coming to regular classes in YogaVenue.

I was very lucky to have both my back and dermoid cyst surgeries done courtesy of comprehensive corporate health insurance 16 years ago. I had the best medical care in amazing hospitals. My husband says that I am a "value-added" wife, due to the high cost of these two medical procedures. Jokes aside, there is yet no surgery that can treat chronic pain.

The many different types of painkillers my GP prescribed had many effects on me, but not on the pain.  I was also going to an osteopath once or sometimes twice a week when the pain was taking me over.

I came to YogaVenue 3 years ago; I go to class nearly everyday. For me, it is exactly like going back to school: collating infomation, knowledge and inspiration together for myself. For example, I have learned "less is a great deal more" from Emma's Yoga-Pilates classes, also to move "through treacle" in asanas. I love listening to Karen talk about "acceptance". At the moment, Hot 26 is a big favorite: it allows me to grow stronger, move safely and meditate.

I believe in the drip-drop, that I can do something everyday about managing my chronic pain. I am grateful to pain, which has lead me to Yoga. I heard the term "superficial compassionate" in a film the other day and immediately thought: that is exactly what I am! I donate to good causes but it is a minute percentage my income; I champion the environment but I use too much water and resources... Perhaps I can aspire to the drip-drop change in my mind?


by Lisa 

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