How to keep your Yoga practice up during the holiday season!


It’s that time of year again. Less than a week to go till Christmas and everyone is busy meeting deadlines, finishing up school, socialising and Christmas shopping! When our diaries are full of extra activities it is sometimes hard to keep up a regular Yoga practice, and before you know it it's December 31st and you are vowing not to eat anymore celebrations chocolates or mince pies!


If you find the holiday season a bit stressful, here are some tips to help you get through it and how to keep your Yoga practice going:

Kee blog (4)1.Remember Yoga helps with stress!

Work, family, juggling – it all gets more intense at this time of year. Yoga has an amazing therapeutic affect and studies show it can be extremely helpful with stress management.  So rather than skipping class when things get a bit intense, try and make time for class and you will feel more calm, less stressed and more able to manage the juggling of the season.


2. Bring a friend to Yoga

This time of year is known for over indulgence and a lot more socialising with friends and family. Why not make an evening out of going to Yoga and bring a friend to class instead of going out for a drink or a meal. You get to keep up your practice, you share your interest with a friend and you are both getting healthy at the same time! You never know your friends may enjoy the practice as much as you! We have lots of gift voucher options so sharing Yoga with a friend can also be a great gift idea.


3. Try a different class or a shorter class

If you can’t make your regular 90 minute class, why not try one of our 60 minute or 75 minute classes. These shorter classes still give you the full Yoga class experience but may give you a bit more flexibility with your busier schedules.


4. Take your Yoga with you on holiday

If you are going away why not invest in a travel mat or a grip mat towel and keep your Yoga practice up on holiday. A few simple stretches in the morning when you wake up or before you go to bed can help to open your spine and prepare you for the day ahead. If you are unsure what you could practise on your own just ask us at the studio. There are lots of online Yoga resources, some are really great and make a good temporary alternative if you can’t get to a studio or a class when on holiday.


5. Don’t beat yourself up about it!

Don't get stressed about not getting to class and practising. We all go through periods (yes, even Yoga teachers!) where our Yoga practice slips a little. A break every now and again can be good for our practice. We learn different things about our bodies and it can allow us to refocus for the new year.


We are open throughout the holiday period, closed on 25 & 26th December so if you are in Oxford we are here and would love to see you in class.  


By Caroline 



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