YogaVenue’s 30 Day Challenge

 30 day challengeAre you up for a challenge? YogaVenue encourages you to accept ours! Commit to doing a Yoga class every day for 30 days and surprise yourself with the benefits. Our 30 Day Challenge encourages you to dedicate time to yourself, deepen the connection between mind and body, and witness the physical and mental changes Yoga can bring. Sign up for our 30 Day Challenge today and see how your Yoga practice evolves.


Read on to hear how two of our yogis welcomed our 30 Day Challenge.


30 Day Challenge by Amelie

Truthfully, I didn’t expect to experience much change by taking part in the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. I had been coming to the studio about five times a week already, so I thought two extra classes wouldn’t make much of a difference. This expectation proved quite wrong.


Around the third week of my challenge, I started to feel much more comfortable doing Yoga. I think that’s when I started to connect with my breath, thus making it easier to flow throughout classes without taking breaks. The most tangible difference was being able to complete a Hot 26 sequence for the first time without skipping any of the poses for a rest.


I also developed a sense of community at the studio, and really enjoyed getting to know more people at YogaVenue. During my 30 Day Challenge I adopted a regular schedule of my favourite classes, which meant I saw the same yogis week after week, often even daily.


dina 30 day

While I cannot always practise Yoga as much as I would like, I have tried to stick to my daily practice since I finished the 30 Day Challenge. I have also established a home practice for the times I cannot visit YogaVenue, and I rarely let two days pass without hopping back on my mat. I look forward to the next challenges and discoveries on my Yoga journey!


30 Day Challenge by Dina

My 30 Day Challenge was about immersing myself in Yoga. I wanted to dedicate my time to exploring balance, and figuring out what that might mean to me. Additionally, I wanted to strengthen some areas of my body and relax others in order to create a more equal left/right balance.


In my mind, a Yoga asana is a balance between expansion, gravity, and breath. Getting this balance right is challenging if we are to move with mindfulness. Every breath has a different quality and in surrendering to this I was able to capture moments of contentment. In my most meditative moments my breath expanded into the areas where my consciousness took it.


My 30 Day Challenge encouraged me to allow changes to happen rather than push them. Finding and maintaining balance as well as practising with patience are my ongoing challenges for the future.





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