“Happy Yoga Anniversary, Susanne!”


susanne anniversary


“Happy Yoga Anniversary, Susanne!”


A recent automated message from YogaVenue prompted some reflections.


I started practising at YogaVenue four years ago. I vividly remember my first class: Hot 26, taught by Caroline. I remember thinking it was the hardest thing I’d ever done, and that I had never sweated so much in my life! I stuck with it though, and some pretty cool, and unexpected things have happened.


My posture has changed. People used to tell me on an almost daily basis that I should straighten up and stop slouching. I haven’t heard this in a while and that alone is worth it! My spine feels happier and my posture has noticeably improved.


susanne anniversary blogI have also noticed that my approach to difficult situations outside the Yoga room has changed. While I used to try and find the easiest way out, I am now able to recognise when this happens. My ongoing Yoga practice has given me the self awareness and confidence to make better decisions.


Lastly, I started teaching Yoga! In 2015 I completed the Spiralling Crow Vinyasa and Hot Power Yoga Training courses with Alessandro and Caroline. I never would have dreamed I would end up teaching Hot Yoga after that first class four years ago. Now I can share my love for Yoga and the smooth and effortless transitions that make me feel like I have superpowers, and hopefully help someone else discover something new along the way.


Next time you get the automated message, take a moment to reflect on what has changed for you. Thank yourself for putting in the work.


See you in class. 



By Susanne Kaesbauer

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