Precision and alignment


Susanne alignment (3)_copy_copyAfter attending my classes, yogis occasionally comment that my explanations are “very detailed”. I didn’t think much about this until the 2018 Spiralling Crow teacher training graduates recently asked me why I give such detailed instructions in a dynamic vinyasa class, where a consistent pace or flow are key.


At the time, I didn’t have a good answer. I kept thinking about why I valued precise instructions and looked back to the definition of vinyasa Yoga or vinyasa krama. This refers to the careful ordered placement as part of an uninterrupted sequence.


To me, this means, we place or align our bodies carefully and precisely in the postures so we can breathe and move more easily and experience the element of flow. From a solid foundation, we can move into the next posture with greater stability and ease. Detailed explanations are simply a tool to help us in this process. Even better if the instructions are so clear that one cannot help but translate them into their body.


See you in class soon. Fun transitions are on the agenda this month. Your attention to alignment and precision will be honed in each class.  


By Susanne







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