Breast Cancer Awareness Month: why this Saturday is an important fundraiser - a personal view

bosom friends


breast cancer awarenessI was heartened to hear that Yogavenue are supporting the Oxford group of Bosom Friends this Saturday and donating 25% of all the class fees to the charity! I don’t often need encouragement to go to Yoga yet if you are sat at home this Saturday wondering whether you should venture out on a cold autumn day, this is a wonderful reason to both do some Yoga and support a charity which is run entirely by volunteers. When my partner became ill some years ago and was undergoing treatment she attended the meetings run by the Oxford group of Bosom Friends who provided a support network and space to talk to both professionals and others undergoing the same treatments and therapies. Knowing you were not alone and had other people to turn to was comforting; the support that Bosom Friends provide across Oxfordshire is only to be lauded.


So grab your mat and dash off to Yogavenue and relax knowing that it’s just not yourself you are helping this Saturday.




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