Why I Engage with a Yoga Practice

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As sweat droplets crept their way across my forehead, I took the support offered by the floor. My left hand moved onto my chest, and with sudden awareness I found my heart pounding hard against my ribs. Now that I had stopped to listen, there was nothing else other than that what was happening on the mat: an undeniable raw connection between mind and body. Seconds later the din of the mind kicked in again, but for a brief moment there was clarity on why I engage with a Yoga practice.


Listening does not come easy for me. Sometimes I hanker after a less busy life, yet in times of stillness I struggle to know what to do with myself. Blaise Pascal had a view on this and said, “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone”. We live in a society which trains us to praise the achievements of doing, yet frowns upon the not-doing. Fortunately, there is Yoga.


Yoga is an excellent tool to tap into both physical and mental wellbeing. Through asanas, we can access parts of the body normally not available to us, as well as the subtle but powerful breath. Aside from the physical effort, Yoga also offers a great change of scenery where richness lingers in both the doing and the not-doing.


In a time where we become increasingly screen-bound, drawn into a world of online personas, I find the raw connection of Yoga ever more attractive. The practice is still the simple act of rolling out the mat, finding your seat, and taking the time to listen.


Looking forward to being with everyone in the flow,



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