It's Pitta Time!


Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga recognizes three doshas – vata, pitta and kapha - and we are each made up of a combination of these doshas. Along with our constitutions having a dosha focus, so too do the seasons, and in summer it's pitta time! (You can read out the kapha dosha here).

To balance out our pitta doshas we slow things down a little and try to enjoy being present here and now, remembering it's not always about pushing, sometimes less is more, especially as we enter into the warmer months. We try and avoid being judgmental and critical and remind ourselves Yoga is be fun and can be playful.

Many of our Yoga classes are designed to reflect the doshas and if you come to our Hot Power class in the next couple of weeks you’ll notice it has changed to help you balance our your pitta! We’ve slowed things down a little to work on those asanas that help bring you back to the present. So come along and try it out.

By Caroline


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