Teacher Training FAQs

Vinyasa training 2017 (5)What happens after I submit my application?

The application will be reviewed and you’ll be asked to discuss it either by phone or in person, so that we can decide together whether this is the right training course for you.

What are you really looking for on the application?

We’re not looking for the person with the best postures or the most Instagram followers, just for someone who is really passionate about Yoga.

Where have your recent graduates gone on to teach?

Graduates from our Teacher Training program have gone on to teach around the UK, including here at YogaVenue. Some have travelled much further afield and have taught internationally, in Germany and the USA.

Is YogaVenue looking to hire new teachers after completing the training?

This is not a training course to filter new teachers into YogaVenue, however we are always keen to hear from teachers who are interested in teaching for us. Chat to us about it if you’re unsure.

What books are on the reading list?

There is one required text for pre-reading: The Heart of Yoga by Desikachar. There may also be recommended readings from books, articles, and even podcasts to start developing your knowledge base.

Should I do the training if I don't want to teach?

That’s a great question. This is a very practical based Teacher Training program aiming to give you the confidence and ability to teach a Yoga class when you graduate. However, some people who choose to do it for their own personal development and/or to deepen their own personal practice.

How is performance evaluated?

Your participation in the training program, alongside a theory exam and practical exam will all contribute to the evaluation of your performance.

What happens if I need to miss a day of training?

You are expected to turn up to everything in order to graduate.

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